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Last Update: 30 September 2008

Math Animated™ (first version)

A courseware of math for first year university and college students

The project of the teachware "Animated Mathematics", presented at the SVGOpen2003 conference,became in March 2005 a self consistent courseware of math for first year university and college students, containing calculus of one variable, and was hosted on the web at:

Technically the courseware based on the open standards developed at the Web Consortium, including the XML applications SVG and MathML, could be opened by the use of the Internet Explorer browser under Windows. The necessary system configurations, including plugins for SVG and MathML, were presented at the courseware's location.

The courseware is unique by its ample use of animated and interactive graphics, that makes complicated consepts, easy to understand. The Table of Contents and the General Introduction had free access. A free trial of two weeks was also available.

Information about the second version of Math Animated is given below.

Seminar 2005

A talk presented at the department of science education, Tel-Aviv university, 6 December 2005

The talk emphasizes the role of SVG in the courseware, after comparing the raster, with the vector graphics. The educational aspects of the animated and interactive graphics, are discussed.

The actual slide show of the talk can be seen at Seminar 2005

ICTM3 2006

A talk presented at the ICTM3 (3rd International Conference on Teaching of Mathematics), Istanbul, July 2006

The aim, the structure and the technological basis of the courseware are presented and discussed. A sample of the SVG graphics are shown.

The presented paper can be seen here as a pdf file.

SVG native support

Discontinuation of the Adobe support

On September 2006, Adobe announced that on January 2007 their support of the SVG Viewer, used for the first version of Math Animated, will be discontinued, however the viewer would be available for downloading. During 2006 we witnessed that a considerable effort matured into a very advanced native support of the browsers Opera and Firefox. Since Firefox is also supporting Mathml natively, it becomes the natural choice for a browser of the courseware.

The SVG support of Firefox and Adobe differ in many respects, which makes it necessary to reprogram the courseware. This process started on January 2007. As an example the SVG tutorial for the new user, is presented here in two different versions:

  1. pythagoras1 for Adobe users
  2. pythagoras2 for Firefox users
The version 1 was using SMIL animations, unsupported by FireFox, but with minor changes the second version is applicable for IE+ASV. The second version is also running with Opera. So by the aid of a browser sniffer and additional coding, here is a third version applicable for all of them:
  1. pythagoras3 for Adobe+Firefox+Opera users
Notice the differences of the pan and zoom part, when run on different platforms.

Math Animated™ (second version)

A courseware of math for first year university and college students of physics and engineering

From 2006 and including 2008, the Firefox Mozilla's browser did a geant step by natively supporting SVG (except SMIL) and MathML. This opened an oportunity for Math Animated to use Firefox, liberating itself that way from the Adobe's SVG depedence. Other major browsers as Opera and Safari are falling behind SVG with their support for MathML and will be ready probably in few more years.

The first version of Math Animated used SMIL for most of its animations. It was necessary to move to scripted animations, which needed more coding, but on the other hand one could make them more interactive. In addition the volume of the courseware was increased by about 50% after adding multi-dimensional calculus.

Finally in July 2008 the second version of Math Animated replaced the first one on the same web location. This time the courseware can be run with Firefox on any major system: Windows, Mac and Lunix. About 10% of Math Animathed is open without any need of registration.

More details can be found in the poster session presented at the AAPT SM2008 (see below).


A poster session presented at the AAPT SM2008 (American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting 2008), Edmonton, Alberta, July 19-23

The poster session consists of two pdf files:

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