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Tel Aviv University TAU

Bar-Ilan University BIU

Weizmann Institute

Weizmann Institute SciMin

Tenth International Symposium
21-26, June 2015
Neveh Ilan, Israel

Welcome to "Electrical, Transport, and Optical Properties of Inhomogeneous Media" 10th International ETOPIM 2015. ETOPIM 10 will be held in Neveh Ilan in the mountains west of Jerusalem, Israel, During 21-26 June 2015. The meeting is open to all approved participants. Talks and posters will be by invitation only.

The aim of the meeting is to discuss experimental and theoretical developments in the field of inhomogeneous media. Anyone wishing to participate should write a short request by email to the local organizing committee. In it the applicant should indicate whether he or she also wishes to present research results and whether an oral or poster presentation is preferred. A one page abstract of the proposed presentation should be attached. Some of the invited speakers will be selected from among those applicants. Any further applications for participation, both active (with presentation) and non-active (without presentation), should be submitted RIGHT AWAY.

Contact: etopim10.cont@biu.ac.il

Venue: The conference will take place at the Neveh Ilan Hotel.

Registration: Approved participants should register by 15 April 2015 Registration after this date might be possible, but we may not be able to ensure hotel rooms at the conference venue. The conference fee is $400, and covers all social activities.

Visas: Short-term visitors from many countries do not need a visa to enter Israel. The complete visa requirements by country are listed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site. However, we suggest you to check with the Israeli Consulate in your country. Upon request we will provide formal registrants with a formal invitation letter.

The finanncial sponsors of this conference are:
Tel Aviv University (TAU)
Bar Ilan University (BIU)
The Israel Science Foundation (ISF)
The Ministry of Science of the State of Israel (SciMin)

Past Conferences
2012, Marseille, France
2009 Crete
2006 Sydney, Australia
2002 Utah, USA