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Tenth International Symposium
21-26, June 2015
Neveh Ilan, Israel

Neveh Ilan is a lovely rural community located in the mountains about 15 km (10 miles) west of the historic capital city Jerusalem. Public bus service to and from Jerusalem is available every hour from the conference hotel and from the main bus terminal in Jerusalem, the trip lasting about 15 minutes. Tel Aviv, the principal commercial city in Israel, is 45 minutes away by car. In the past, Neveh Ilan was an agricultural community near the main Tel Aviv - Jerusalem road. Today it is a rural suburb of Jerusalem, which includes a modern resort hotel where the conference will be held. The conference hotel is fully air conditioned and has a semi-olympic indoor swimming pool. Neveh Ilan also boasts some of the loveliest scenery in the Judaean Mountains. Hikes in the nearby YItzhak Rabin National Park are highly recommended. Further details about the conference site are available by clicking Neveh Ilan Hotel

Although the days will be quite warm (typical maximum is 28-30 Celsius), the humidity is low (typically 30%), the evenings and nights are cool (typical minimum temperature is 18-20). During the day, light summer clothing is recommended; for the evenings, a light sweater is sometimes needed. It never rains in June or July.

The following activities are being planned. Final dates are still in flux.