(yet another object oriented operating system)

Different OSES

Hello all,

Shortly - We're looking for collaborators for writing another Operating System with the goal to create the fully functional product which will become real alternative for Windows and Linux.

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The Reason

I don't want to discuss here issues of quality of existing operating systems. (Although I want to make it very stable).
The advantages of open source and GPL are also not an issue. (Although new system will be open and some kind of GPL will be applied)

The only reason for making a new operating system is the introducing of new features that are absent in the available operating systems. These features must be enough important in order to justify the creation of new operating system. The keyword is Object Oriented Operating System (OOOS).

Such OOOS will provide the applications with a set of objects with OO interface instead of POSIX style read() and write() system calls. Some mechanism will allow interaction between application and low level OS objects without need in intermediate layers such as MFC of Microsoft. This set of objects and their functionality can then be easily extended. The regular file system will become OO database and thus extending widely user experience.

You can find more information in the Wishlist/Featurelist section.

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